Our blankets make for thoughtful and generous gifts for wedding parties, corporate orders and everything in-between! If you are interested in a large or custom order, please contact camille@cambiedesign.com and cc: info@cambiedesign.com with your order inquiry and we will let you know if we are able to fulfill your request. 


When should I place my order?

All orders must be placed and confirmed ahead of an upcoming production cycle. As production cycle times vary throughout the year, please ensure inquiries are made well in advance of a due date. Special accommodations can be made, though clients are responsible for any additional shipping and production costs. 

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. A minimum order of 10 is required for each blanket colour with white or black tassels for orders placed ahead of a production cycle. Should you require a different tassel colour or are ordering outside of a production cycle, a minimum order of 50 per tassel colour is required. 

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A minimum deposit of 50% is required before blankets can be put into production. 


Can I customize the label?

The design of our labels is fully customizable with a small fee for stamp production. Clients can choose to design their own label or can supply assets and we will design it for an additional fee. All labels must feature the Cambie logo, no exceptions. Please let us know during your initial inquiry if you require a specific leather colour and we will do our best to accommodate, resources permitting. 

Can I choose my own colours? Patterns?

Choosing existing colours and patterns from our current blanket collection will ensure the fastest turnaround time, but we can potentially accommodate special colour and pattern requests with sufficient notice. 

Can custom orders be returned or exchanged?

No. All custom orders are final sale and cannot be returned for a refund or exchanged. 

Can the materials used be customized?

Our popular blankets feature printed leather labels and are made from a special blend of hand-spun alpaca wool (20%) and acrylic fibres (80%) which, when combined, create a luxuriously soft wool that is durable against wear for frequent use.

Testing different blends for upcoming textile products is an ongoing project. Only once a blend has been been perfected and worthy of the Cambie seal of approval will it be available to purchase. Due to time and resource restrictions, we currently do not offer customization on materials used. 

How large are Cambie blankets and can their size be customized?

Our Cambie blankets are approximately 72" x 55" in size. Blanket size is not a customizable feature.