At Cambie Design, we believe interiors should be interesting and engaging, that well-made pieces for the home can be made from environmentally conscious and affordable materials with design that is equally as thoughtful in mind, and items should bring function and beauty to a home.
When sourcing items to carry in our shop, our process is simple - we start with what inspires us most, like the natural shapes, textures, and colour combinations that surround us every day. We’re always exploring and currently work with teams and makers in Peru, Morocco, and Canada that share these same values.
Our hope is that, when welcoming a Cambie piece into your space, it brings comfort, curiosity, creativity, and interesting conversations with it. 

Cambie Design owner Camille Byrne

Camille Byrne's innate creativity guided her passion for design from a very young age. Her unique upbringing included frequent travels between homes in Canada and Peru, allowing her to develop an appreciation for the natural and raw elements of Peru’s textiles, as well as their distinctly rich colours and designs.

Paired with an entrepreneurial spirit passed down from dad and a leap of faith, her love of Latin American textiles guided Camille to start her own business in 2011, where in Camille began importing the popular Cambie blankets from Peru, and sold them alongside hand picked vintage items sourced from the east coast of Canada at local Toronto markets. Working closely with Canadian and Peruvian designers and makers, Cambie Design opened it's brick and mortar shop, Cambie, in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto in 2013, and has since relocated the the trendy West Queen West area and expanded Cambie’s offerings to include Moroccan goods.


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