Summer Nostalgia

As we anticipate the arrival of our next shipment from Peru, we’d love to share a bit more about our connection to the country and the inspiration for our upcoming summer collection. In this entry, our founder Camille is sharing a piece of her story!


I carefully select each item that we bring in from Peru and it means the world to me when they are well received. This pandemic has greatly impacted our production in Peru but not only that, it has directly affected my co-workers, friends and family there. While I wait for our inventory to arrive, I find comfort in my memories of Peru and think it is a special time to share some of these with you, particularly after the experience of this past year and the challenges and lack of connection it has brought us as a community.

Barranco, Lima

Did you know that I am half Peruvian and fluent in Spanish? I lived there while I was young and have spent most of my life between homes in Peru and Canada. My Peruvian family consists of many creative individuals, from interior designers and architects, to make-up artists and jewelry makers, painters and sculptors. Growing up surrounded by all of this creativity led to a natural curiosity about the world around me, particularly when the aesthetics in Peru vary quite dramatically from what I was exposed to in Canada.

Camille's Family's Home

Camille's Family's Home

Peru offers unique art and architecture based on a long history, a culture that boldly mixes bright colours and textures, and a climate and lifestyle that offers the ability to mix living spaces between indoors and out. For example, this outdoor oven lives in the garden of my cousin’s home and has made many pizzas that have been thoroughly enjoyed over the years. It’s the centrepiece of large family gatherings.
Camille's Family's HomeParacas, Peru CAMBIEMemories of my travels to Peru have provided me with good company over the past months, offering great inspiration for the upcoming summer collection. I have thought back fondly to my favourite summer memories: eating juicy fruit on the beach and soaking in the colourful bougainvillea covering crumbling old walls. For this summer's colour collection, you can anticipate bold new colours inspired by these experiences and the nostalgia of my childhood spent in Peru. I want to pay tribute to this country that I love by celebrating the little details that make it so special to me!

Barranco, Lima, Peru CAMBIE

Fruit Market, Lima, PeruBarranco, Lima, Peru CAMBIE

As I wait for brighter days ahead, your continued encouragement gives me hope and for that I am grateful. I look forward to sharing more about these new arrivals over the coming weeks!


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