Finding Comfort At Home

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue of Culture Magazine and was written by Camille Byrne, founder of CAMBIE.

Back in March 2020, Camille wrote about transitioning between seasons with intention and harmony and embracing the arrival of spring. In this article she also offered a variety of tips, such as taking a moment to reflect on what emotional feeling you look for when you go home. Since then, our homes have become our entire worlds and we continue to find many of these tips particularly comforting at this time. We encourage you to explore your home with curiosity and intention to create an environment that supports your well-being, and hope this article offers inspiration as we spend our days at home looking forward to brighter days ahead.


The transition of seasons is an opportunity to hit ‘refresh’ –  a chance to evaluate our routines and how we interact with our space. The winter season inevitably invites us to spend more time indoors and we should ask ourselves, how does our environment support us?

TIP: Take this opportunity to ask yourself some questions: What is your favourite way to use your home?  Where are you most happy?

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We enjoy the rituals and energy of the winter season, seeking comfort in hibernation and favourite pastimes at home. As winter comes to an end, it is a wonderful time to reflect on your activities and build an environment to support your lifestyle. Your home should feel like a state of being, timeless and natural.

TIP: For further reflection: What emotional feeling do you look for when you go home?

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Colourful textiles, cozy blankets, soft lighting and sweet scents bring us warmth and happiness as we say goodbye to the long, cold nights and welcome the bright, warm days of spring.

TIP: Enjoy these final days of winter and the rituals they offer. Surround yourself with objects that support you, such as creating an inviting corner filled with your favourite books, warm layers and a soft candle.

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As the temperatures warm up, open your windows and let in the fresh spring air. Take this moment to go through your home and remove items that no longer serve you, to tidy and set up your space with intention and harmony.

TIP: Think about what makes your home yours:  What do you treasure about your home?

CAMBIE Camille Byrne

Rearrange and welcome objects that offer function and spark joyful moments this spring season and all year long. Create a space that you are proud to call home.

TIP: Consider introducing a bright and cheerful textile or new plant into your home, something that brings colour and happiness into your everyday life.

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