CAMBIE At Home with Designer Tara Hurst

Today we are launching the first feature of our newest column CAMBIE At Home, an interview series that explores the rituals we create at home, how we interact with our space and build an environment to support our lifestyle.

Tara and I first met back in 2015 and quickly formed a friendship, making a point to connect over a meal every time she visits her family in Toronto. This autumn I decided to take Tara up on her gracious offer to visit her lovely home in Victoria B.C. and had the chance to meet her husband Michael and their sweet pup Zadie. It was a very special time to visit as Tara and Michael are expecting their first child later this year!

During my time with Tara I had the opportunity to ask a few questions about her design process and experience her creative journey. Tara even shared how she would style the silver & white blanket in her home. We hope you enjoy!

What's your favourite way to use your home?

Over the years my home has been an exploration of creativity. Whether I’m trying a new recipe in the kitchen, working at the dining room table or reading in the living room, every room has a purpose to either inspire or provide reprieve. The house also acts as the backdrop for my creative work and often a space to shoot for clients. 

Tara Hurst Kitchen Home

Where are you most happy?

My current happy place is sitting in our living room in the mornings with a cup of tea. I can see the early light coming in from the kitchen, dining room and window seat. It’s a really peaceful way to begin the day. 

Tara Hurst Living Room Home

How did you begin to set up your space? Where did you start? 

With major renovations! The house was built in 1914 and needed a lot of work in the beginning. Before I could even think about paint colours or furniture we literally had to rebuild the walls. Starting with a complete bathroom renovation, the space was under construction for the first year. Over the five years we’ve lived in our house we’ve also renovated the kitchen, rebuilt the living room walls and added a library, rebuilt the front porch and completely landscaped the garden.

Tara Hurst Garden Home

What are your favourite items to surround yourself with at home? 

Every object that I bring into the house has to have a purpose or significance to the space. I love pieces that are hand-crafted or antique and love finding things when I travel, like white dishes, rugs and linens. 

Tara Hurst Dining Room Home

What is inspiring you to set up the space for this next chapter in your life? How are you intentionally building the nursery? 

As motherhood approaches, I am creating the nursery and preparing for the baby much like I have the rest of our home. I really believe that less is more in design and choosing pieces that are well made from natural materials is really important to me. I have also found many pieces secondhand, including the Stokke crib, bassinet and wooden stand. 

Tara Hurst Home Living Room Cambie Blanket

What emotional feeling do you look for when you go home? What makes your home yours? How does your space support you?

I want my home to feel both inspiring and peaceful. What really makes it mine are all the little details I’ve chosen carefully over the years and how those details tell a visual story. From the brass light fixtures dimmed in each room to the linen pillows in the window seat, I want each space to feel inviting and calm. My space supports me to feel both creative and comfortable in an environment that reflects how I want to live, intentionally, making space for the little moments that add up to a very fulfilling life.

Tara Hurst Home Cambie Blanket

Thank you Tara! Your beautiful and inviting home inspires us to slow down with intention as we prepare our homes for the holiday season. You can get a glimpse of Tara's festive decorations in the November issue of House and Home magazine or receive a regular dose of inspiration at @tarahurstdesign.

All images courtesy of Tara Hurst Design.

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