CAMBIE At Home with Britt Buntain of Picot Collective

Introducing the second feature of our column CAMBIE At Home, an interview series that explores the rituals we create at home, how we interact with our space and build an environment to support our lifestyle.

Britt and I met face-to-face for the first time in 2019, after working together and being long distance penpals since 2015. One of the greatest joys I have with CAMBIE is offering beautiful product made by talented makers and in 2015, I started carrying Britt's delicate wall hangings in my first shopWorking with Britt has always been a delight and we are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting collaboration, the CAMBIE/Picot Collective blanket in three unique colours inspired by the cozy rituals of the winter season.

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about Picot and Britt, who has shared her favourite way to use her beloved beige & white blanket that she's had for 5 (!!) years, with a good book and cup of tea!

Picot CAMBIE at Home

What's your favourite way to use your home?

I live in a carriage house in Victoria, I refer to it as my doll house. It’s small, just over 600 sq ft, and the kitchen is the largest room. I love to cook, it calms and grounds me. Whether it's for me or loved ones, cooking is my love language. My favourite way to use my home is to host friends coming over to sit around the fire-pit under my dingle-lights, cozied up with blankets and wine. 

Picot CAMBIE at Home

Where are you most happy?

Travelling and adventuring to new places, or cozy at home. I regularly take long baths complete with Netflix, wine, snacks and candles. It’s very strange to eat in the bath but it's high on my self-care regimen. 

Picot CAMBIE at Home

How did you begin to set up your space? Where did you start?

I moved into my little house at the end of 2018 and the first thing I did was paint the walls, change the light fixtures, and added open shelving to my bare and minimal kitchen. I'm renting, so it's fairly minimal what I can do to the space, but those simple things have made a big difference. Once the spring came around, I built a little concrete patio outside and planted a small garden. My outdoor living room gets a lot of love throughout the year and I get to enjoy it from March until about October or November.

Picot CAMBIE at Home

What are your favourite items to surround yourself with at home?

I have a beautiful collection of ceramics so I made sure that the open shelving in the kitchen would house these little tangible art pieces. I have sheepskins and blankets, large velvet pillows and vibrant Turkish kilim rugs that make the space feel bright and relaxing.

Picot CAMBIE at Home

What emotional feeling do you look for when you go home? What makes your home yours? 

Calm, joyful, comforting, and welcoming. 

How does your space support you?

I wanted this home to be a place that celebrated a new chapter for me, and that's been a mix of sanctuary and big gatherings.

Picot CAMBIE at HomeThank you Britt!!! Learn more about Picot's unique offerings! For a limited time, CAMBIE will be carrying candles and crystal rollers from Picot's signature scent, Honey Tobacco. Make sure to follow Picot in addition to CAMBIE, as we launch this special collection!

Photography by
 Danielle Lindenlaub.

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