Report on Business - SHOP ONLINE

Have we got something big for you! Today, the Globe and Mail's Report on Business has printed its Holiday Gift Guide. Well, guess what? Cambie Design's alpaca wool blankets ARE FEATURED IN IT!!! Holy smokes, we can't believe it!!! We are so incredibly proud of these blankets and cannot believe the attention they're getting! In case you've missed it: alpacas are fascinating animals that can adapt to extreme conditions from an altitude of up to 13,000 ft and temperatures of -15*C. This allows them to develop hair with unique thermal properties. Their wool is sought after all over the world because of it’s durability, warmth, soft texture and beauty (and it’s hypoallergenic!). These blankets are made of 30% alpaca wool and 70% cotton, allowing them to be light, warm, incredibly soft and cozy. They're available in a variety of colours and patterns, are made in Lima, Peru, and have been hand-selected and brought back to Toronto by yours truly. And what could make this possibly even better? You can now purchase blankets ONLINE! That's right! You can now find them on our shop and we're shipping across Canada. For more details, please visit us! Merry early Christmas everyone!!! Enjoy!

{Photo courtesy of ROB Holiday Gift Guide}

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