Home Again

After a jam packed month of September (including a 4000+ km road trip across six provinces with my dearest friend), I am starting to feel slightly more settled in Toronto. Having only been back for a few days, I moved to a neighbourhood that I have much longed to be in and am falling right back in love with this city. Although I am extremely happy to be back and looking forward to the time ahead, I have to admit that I have been paying daily visits to the local parks (I must be missing my summer backyard of rural Newfoundland). To also give you an idea of the kind of moving day we had this past weekend, I have included a photo below. I was very happy to see that day end! Make sure to browse the rest of the website for all of the new updates!


  • Camille

    Thank you Lashunda! I very much appreciate it :)

  • Lashunda

    Bookmarked, I enjoy your site! :)

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