One rainy April afternoon, the lovely host of the Skerwink Hostel and I went seeking inspiration in downtown Toronto for our upcoming endeavour. Over that month, we had many meetings over tea, scoured the internet endlessly for ideas and visited all of our favourite shops, including The Workroom. On this particular afternoon, we managed to sit down after selecting various fabrics and sort them into "Yes", "Maybe" and "No" piles. Eventually, having selected 20 fabrics for our "Yes" pile, we were set. Pillows, get ready to be made! Five months later, it happened. You would be surprised at the list of requirements that take priority in opening a hostel. With my incredibly talented seamstress (and charming host) at hand, I paired the fabrics and pillows were just flying out of that sewing machine!

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  • Valerie

    I love how the pillows turned out, i want some for my house!!!!

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